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For people who don’t know, a gravity bong the type of water bong which utilizes the pressure of gravitational forces to draw in smoke cigarettes in to the weed filters chamber. They can be made out of many different materials, but the most frequent are made of plastic containers or buckets.

Gravitational forces bongs are often employed by cigarette smokers that want to have a fast and extreme great. The key benefits of by using a gravity bong are available plenty of light up in a hit, and it’s also a lot easier on the lungs than smoking from a normal bong.

The down-side of gravity bongs is simply because they could be challenging to create, and when you’re not cautious, you may get a awful case of the greenies (aka cannabis paranoia). However, if you comply with our directions below, you must be able to come up with a gravity bong without any troubles!

Materials You’ll Require

To produce a gravity bong, you’ll will need:

A plastic material package or pail

A container or item to your bong

A drill

A nail or pencil

Lightweight aluminum foil

A lighter weight


Drill an opening inside the package or container nearby the base. The pit ought to be sufficient to suit the container or piece for your bong.

Cover the golf hole with lightweight aluminum foil and poke openings inside with a nail or pencil. Be sure that the holes are sufficient permit oxygen via but small enough in order that herbal treatments won’t tumble by way of.

Placed the dish or piece to your bong with the hole from the lightweight aluminum foil.

Fill up the bottle or container with drinking water until it’s about halfway whole. The water ought to be sufficient to ensure that whenever you place the pan under water, it’s completely immersed.

Place your mouth over the top of the the package or pail and light-weight the pan. As you suck in, gradually elevate the package or bucket out of your normal water. This could cause the smoke cigarettes to become attracted in the chamber. When the holding chamber is complete, eliminate the pan and breathe in!

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